Wedding Cakes and More – Get These at the Best Bakery in Meerut!

‘In sickness and in health’ – this phrase is all what a marriage is all about, really! When two individuals come together and pledge their lives to each other, for better or for worse. And what can make this union even more special? A gorgeous cake, of course!

The Tradition

As is the case with most common societal practices, the tradition of wedding cakes goes way back into the past. Their roots are in fact in ancient Rome! Towards the end of the wedding ceremony, a wheat scone or barley cake was broken over the head of the bride, ostensibly to bring her luck and fertility. The newly joined couple would eat a few crumbs together as a unified act of coupledom and the rest of the crumbs were taken by the wedding guests for luck.

Slowly, this tradition changed to a stack of different baked items. The couple were supposed to kiss over it, while trying hard not to topple it. 

Towards the 17th century, this changed to ‘Bride’s Pie (Pye)’ which was filled with an assortment of pine kernels, oysters, lamb testicles, and more. While it sounds quite unappetising, most guests had a slice as it was supposed to bring good luck.

Over time, this pie was replaced by wedding cakes, and soon tiered cakes made their appearance and people fell in love with them due to their grandeur and beauty.

Associated traditions         

The times of today have brought about major evolutions in the world of cakes. Bakers all over the world are making creations that are awesomely dazzling. They, in fact, have become the centrepiece of most weddings. 

Let us now know about some wedding cake traditions followed around the world.

  1. Cutting the cake: all newlyweds cut the cake together as a symbol of their first collective task as a couple.
  2. Feeding each other cake: post cutting, the bride and groom feed each other a piece of cake, which symbolizes their love for one another.
  3. Sleeping with a piece of cake: in earlier times, it was believed that if a girl slept with a piece of wedding cake under her pillow, she would dream of her future husband.
  4. Charms in the cake: in the past times, some bakers would bake charms like wedding bells, purse, heart, horseshoe, etc. into the wedding cake. However, this is not done any longer. 

There are many more traditions like these. While some are still followed, like white icing on the cake, some are not. Whatever the case may be, one thing remains for certain – a wedding would be considered incomplete today without a wedding cake. It is a true symbol of the sweetness and love a couple has for each other and represents their affection and commitment.

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