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Cutting a picture cake on any occasion is always memorable delight because of personalized experience it offers. 

That’s why Avon Bakers offers you to buy photo cake online in Meerut and get it delivered at your doorstep. Photo cake or picture cake is all about diversity in looks that you can enjoy on every different occasion. In a photo cake you can give us any picture you like to be printed on a cake and we can exactly replicate it.

You can choose from variety of cake flavors, like you can choose any flavour of your choice be it Vanilla or Chocolate or Red Velvet and send us a photograph of your family favorite pic or any cartoon character and we will print exactly same photograph on top of that cake. To spice up things a little bit, you can have any cartoon character, a superstar, your own personal photograph, a theme, a logo, or anything you like to have. You must be thinking about can I really eat that photograph printed on a cake. Absolutely yes, we print the photograph using a special machine which uses eatable cream of different colors to print that image. And this cream used in printing that photograph is as delicious as cake. So no worries about that you can go ahead and eat as much cake as you want.

There are many images provided above from which you can choose to order quickly. Else you can order any cake from above and after placing the order you can send us the image to print on the cake at with your order number. You can also call our customer care executive on 9997122050 or 9557013510 or 9910733750 and we will help you through the process of placing the order.