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Cookies has been the cornerstome of our bakery right from day one. We are always trying to expand our offerings of cookies in such a way that reflects our bond to traditional baking.

Much attempt is being made to make sure that biscuits shall be properly baked under strict hygiene condition so that they are crisp and have uniform texture appearance and also they shall have an agreeable flavour typical of well-baked biscuits of different types and shall be free from any soopy or bitter after taste.

We specialise in more than 50-70 varieties of Handmade Eggless Premium Butter Biscuits which include some healthy cookie option as well which includes Sugar Free Cookies, Gluten Free Cookies, Whole Wheat Cookies.Our regular cookies option includes some of our everlasting Butter Badam Cookies, Chocohip Cookies, Coconut Cookies, Badam Biscotti, Red Velvet Cookies and many more that are as beautiful as they are delectable and have a long shelf unlike other perishable items.

We bake all the bakery products by hand with the best possible ingredients. A combination of great produce, artisanal skill and hard work which creates the delectable bites that Avon Bakers has become famous for.

Gourmet Cookies Delivered Direct To Your Doorstep!

We’ve got home delivery down to a fine art!

We will be immensely honoured to serve you and add a memorable and delicious touch to all your special occasions.

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