Our Services

Bulk Supplies to Corporates or any Bakery Unit

All kind of bulk orders for any kind of corporate houses or any bakery unit are catered to. Our exclusive range of products includes all bakery products displayed on the website.


Online Shoping

You can order your product choice online through our secure server. Upon receipt we shall process and delivery your order at a specified date and time.


Party Orders

All kind of party orders are catered to and you can be assured in terms of the quality of our products for any kind of occasion be it Birthdays, Weddings or any big occasion.


Customized Gift Packs

You can get any range or combination of gift pack customized to your requirements for your special and dear ones to be delivered by us. Just call us at 09997122050 to tell us your requirement and we can take care of your delivery at a specified date and time. 


E-mail and Telephonic Order

All kind of e-mail and telephonic orders are accepted. However the order has to be accompanied by the payment after which the choice of products can be delivered at your doorstep at a specified date and time.