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Love is in the Air – Send a Heart Shape Strawberry Cake to Your Beloved on Valentine’s Day!

For the uninitiated, Valentine’s Day, also known as St. Valentine’s Day, is celebrated on February 14 every year by lovers to express their love and affection. This day is quite similar to an ancient Roman festival called Lupercalia (also known as dies Februatus), which was celebrated on February 15 to promote fertility and health. However, […]

If You Can’t Get the Taj Mahal, Well, Get the best Valentine’s Day Cake for Your Wife!

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you must wonder how to express your love for your wife. Candy and chocolates are good, but you want something truly special, don’t you? Cakes are the best gift There’s nothing that says I Love You better than a yummy cake. At Avon Bakers, we offer many scrumptious […]

Valentine’s Around the Corner – Order a Delish Cake for Your Beloved Today!

Oh, the day of mush, Valentine’s Day, is here! While it is enjoyed all across the globe, it is celebrated in very special ways in countries like the UK, US, Canada, Mexico, France, Australia, Denmark, and Italy. Whenever one thinks of this day, they think about cosy and cuddly huddling together with their darling under […]

Let’s Talk about Christmas, the Christmas Hamper, and Related Traditions

The word Christmas and you immediately start thinking about magic in the air, the warm and wonderful smell of freshly baked cookies and cakes, hot cocoa, gifts galore, and holiday cheer. This joyous festival is closely associated with traditions, which, however, may differ in different parts of the world. For example, your family may follow […]

Cheering Christmas On with Scrumptious Cookies from Avon Bakers

Think of Christmas, and you will automatically start salivating at the thought of the sweet smell of baking, especially cookies. December rolls around, and everyone starts looking forward to the typical Christmas sugar cookies, peppermint drops, ginger snaps, cakes, gingerbread houses, and more. In fact, the gingerbread man has become synonymous with Christmas! Popular Cookies […]

The Glorious Garlic Bread – Made Even Tastier by Avon Bakers

While many Italian culinary offerings are appreciated and appropriated worldwide, nothing comes even remotely close to the garlic bread. The garlic bread has emerged from the famous bruschetta, which was a staple served alongside the ubiquitous pizza. However, it kept changing and evolving with toppings and flavors till it emerged as a scrumptious dish in […]