Not Just Cakes – Some Other Items Available at Bakeries

Whenever one thinks of bakeries, the very first image they get in their minds is that of piping hot loaves coming out of the oven, spreading their warm, yeasty scent all around.

Yes, most bakeries make delicious breads. They also make yummy pastries and sinful cakes. Some bakeries excel at baking simple yet delish stuff while some are masters of complex items that draw the eye as much as tickle the taste buds.

Other wonderful things

Some bakeries also make stuff that’s super scrumptious but not as mainstream as breads or cakes. Let us know about some of these items here.

Handmade chocolate: While it is true that chocolate is delicious in every shape and form, the fact is handmade chocolate is something truly amazing. It is special and many people prefer them over store-bought ones as a perfect gift for their loved ones.

The biggest difference between the two is the handmade ones are created individually and not on an assembly line. So each piece is unique. Also, when they are crafted in a bakery and not a factory, one knows that they have that ‘human touch’ in them that’s lacking when made on a massive scale. The best part is when you gift handmade chocolates to someone, they know you have gone out of your way to buy them something that’s not available to everyone and that is a very special feeling.

Then there are cupcakes: Did you know that almost 800 million cupcakes are scarfed up every year? This itty-bitty little cake is a thing of joy for many of us and their size and cuteness quotient make them the beloved of everyone from the smallest child to the eldest gran out there.

Though they are a rather recent phenomenon, showing up only around 1828, they are so popular that bakeries have been competing with each other with newer designs and flavours. In fact, some of them have come up with savoury cupcakes as well!

You just have to buy a box and bring it to your friends to see their eyes light up! They are small bits of yummy delight that brighten up almost every occasion possible. Best part is their shareable nature which allows you to buy an assortment that can be had wherever you go – get-together, party, office meeting… the list is almost endless.

As you can see, there is an extensive variety of baked goods made at bakeries and confectioners. While most people associate them with breads and cakes, the fact is the modern times cater to the needs to most people in a way that’s different from the old times. Now, most bakeries specialise in several types of baked goods and not just one item. In fact, the most reputed ones even make teatime delights, patties, burgers and namkeens – all of which will tickle your taste buds and leave you clamouring for more.

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