Let’s Talk about Christmas, the Christmas Hamper, and Related Traditions

The word Christmas and you immediately start thinking about magic in the air, the warm and wonderful smell of freshly baked cookies and cakes, hot cocoa, gifts galore, and holiday cheer.

This joyous festival is closely associated with traditions, which, however, may differ in different parts of the world. For example, your family may follow the tradition of putting out milk and cookies for Santa, while your friends may hang stockings from the mantelpiece. In certain British households, there is the tradition of gifting Christmas hampers to loved ones.

The History of Christmas Hampers

The idea of Christmas hampers came to Britain from France. However, they became popular during Victorian times.

In the early days, these baskets were wicker baskets full of food and drinks and occasionally clothes. These were given to the poor as a charity, and some baskets were large enough to support them for even several weeks.

Overtime, these baskets came to be known as hampers. Once the railroad system expanded, families and friends started sending these as presents to loved ones staying far away.

And then came Christmas hampers, which had food and drinks to be given as a cherished present for a near and dear one.

In fact, during the holiday season, many wealthy families started giving these Christmas hampers to their staff. These were filled with useful items like clothes, food, etc. 

Perfect Gifts for Special People

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