Cakes and Hampers – How Delightfully Christmassy!

For those who love any excuse to be merry, Christmas is the most special occasion of the year. They eagerly wait for the month of December to roll around so that they can enjoy following its traditions, meet friends and family and have a rollicking good time.

Billions of people celebrate Christmas around the world, and all of them do so in several unique ways. Some relate it to religion, while some to family ties. But the fact is this amazing festival is the best time to reconnect with your loved ones and create warm and fuzzy memories.

Traditions and More

Christmas brings along a host of traditions. Some families watch a Christmas movie together, while some decorate their homes with lights and showy items. A popular tradition is that of sharing a meal together, which is usually a large Christmas dinner.

There are countless food choices available to people now, however, there are a few Christmas staples that are usually included in these dinners, such as stuffed roast turkey, mashed potatoes, veggies, etc.

Christmas cakes, cookies, and gingerbread houses are a tradition too. In fact, for many, the very act of baking and making these is a family tradition in itself. Some people make these and give them to friends and family as they believe Christmas is the time for giving rather than receiving. 

If you want to gift a Christmas cake and are despairing as you either don’t have the time or do not know how to make one, do not worry. Our delicious Christmas cakes, like Xmas Special Plum Cakes, Christmas Special Santa Theme Designer Cake, Christmas Special Snowman Theme Cake, and many others, will surely steal your heart and those of your loved ones. They are not only gorgeously attractive to look at, but they are also truly yummy in your tummy!

Overflowing Hampers

To be unique in your Christmas gift choices, you can also go for our super-loaded, super-good goodies hampers. They are filled to the brim with specially made, super tasty food products that will appeal to everyone from young to old and man to woman. Some delish examples are Red Bloom Decorative Gift Basket, Heart Shaped Assorted Chocolates Hamper, Fruit Champagne and Homemade Chocolates Combo Gift Hamper, and more.

Those who can’t abide by waste can reuse the hamper container. Our hamper is an unexpected load-full of Christmas goodies, all packed in one. It is like having lots of presents in one single box, and your loved one will ooh and aah as they go through this one by one. 

At Avon Bakers, we think of everyone and not just a select few. We have lots of delightful food options for those who are diabetic or allergic to gluten, such as Gluten-Free Vanilla Cashew Coasted Cake, Sugar-free Chocolate Cashew Coated Tea Cake, Sugar-free Vanilla Tea Cake, and many others.

Christmas is the perfect time of year for good food and the warm embrace of family and friends. Our gourmet offerings will surely make this festive season far merrier for you!