Five Unique ways to celebrate your birthday

Birthday, the special occasion, on which you get everybody’s attention and blessings. You feel important and get showered with gifts and warm wishes from family and friends. It won’t be wrong to say that you get celebrity treatment from your near and dear ones, on this particular day. Nothing can be better than this feeling and you are on cloud nine. Birthdays are meant to be made memorable. Instead of just partying out with friends, you can try out some unique and offbeat ways to make your birthday memorable. So the list goes on like this:

1.Get a tattoo:

For Christ’s sake get a tattoo on the D day. It can be something related to your passions, any person, idea or whatever you want it to be. The tattoo will remain forever with you and so will your birthday memories.

2. Plant a tree:

Give birth to a new life on your special day. Plant a tree or sapling and take care of it and see it grow over the period of time. As you will see it evolve and grow, a sense of peace will take over you. This feeling is way better than celebrating in restaurants and big hotels.

3.  Visit orphanage and do charity:

You can go to an orphanage and celebrate with kids living there. Spread the smile on their faces by showering them with gifts. You are bound to feel happy and satisfied at the end of the day. What a better way to make your birthday memorable. Isn’t it?

4. Set the caged birds free:

Birds are born to fly and it is a cruel thing to cage them. Do a good deed on your birthday by setting those poor caged birds free, kept in the market for sale. When you see them fly out of the cage, you will set free a part of your soul too. Isn’t it a wonderful thing to do on your birthday.

5. Adventure sports: 

Are you an adventure freak who enjoys the adrenaline rush? Then why wait? Try out some really cool adventure sports along with your buddies like bungee jumping, river rafting, rock climbing etc. These activities will provide you birthday memories to relish forever.