Cheering Christmas On with Scrumptious Cookies from Avon Bakers

Think of Christmas, and you will automatically start salivating at the thought of the sweet smell of baking, especially cookies.

December rolls around, and everyone starts looking forward to the typical Christmas sugar cookies, peppermint drops, ginger snaps, cakes, gingerbread houses, and more. In fact, the gingerbread man has become synonymous with Christmas!

Popular Cookies

Many different types of Christmas cookies are famous around the world. Here are a few of them.

  1. Snickerdoodles: Dutch, Scottish and English immigrants brought these sugary delights to the US shores. These cookies gained popularity around a century back and are traditionally coated with cinnamon sugar before being baked.
  1. Sugar Cookies: Also known as Amish Sugar Cookies, these cookies were made originally by Protestant settlers from Germany called the Moravians. This crumbly, buttery cookie has been loved the world over for its delicious taste. However, if you are a diabetic or simply want to avoid sugar, this Christmas, you can give our super-yum sugar-free cookies a try. You are sure to love our sugar-free offerings like sugar-free coconut cookies, sugar-free multi-grain cookies, sugar-free oats cookies, sugar-free badaam cookies, and more. They will surely make your Christmas a ‘sugary’ one!  
  1. Spritz Cookies: These are fun cookies made using a cookie press. While delicious in taste, these are a visual treat as well. Originating from Scandinavian countries, these are popular all around the world as they are cute and attractive.
  1. Gingerbread men: It is believed that Queen Elizabeth the First got these men to represent her court favourites. In those times, these were also prescribed by magicians and folk medicine practitioners to young women as love tokens! 
  1. Pizzelles: These holiday cookies are an Italian tradition. These are thin, small, round cookies that first showed up in the Abruzzo region of Italy, in Ortona. These are quite delicate and taste like waffle cones found in ice cream shops.
  1. Thumbprint Cookies: This delectable treat is a fun cookie with lots of different fillings. There are chocolate thumbprint ones with Nutella in the middle; some have Hershey’s Kisses, while some have fruit preserves. These are made by pressing the thumb down in the center to make a little hole that can be filled with whatever one likes.
  1. Linzer Tarts: These classic cookies originated in a town called Linz in Austria, where they were called Linzertorte. As is the case with most festive delights, these soon gained fame and started being devoured all over the world. Made with almond dough and filled with black currant preserve, these cookies are a major Christmas favourite of many.

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