Baby Shower Cakes and More – Avon Bakers Make Your Event an Even More Special One!

Don’t you just love babies? Little humans with the softest skin and that baby smell… they really are the apple of your eye!

Babies are loved all over the world and just as much are loved baby showers. After all, what better way to let others know you are expecting a gift from the heavens in your life?

Most mums-to-be love getting suggestions and advice in their pregnancy period. And a baby shower is the perfect opportunity to do that. Also, they get loads of gifts that come in handy once the little man or sweet princess arrives.

It is not as if the idea of having baby showers is a new old. In ancient Greece and Egypt, rituals were followed to celebrate a new birth and the mother. During the festivities, good wishes and gifts were offered to the different gods and goddesses. In the Middle Ages, the baptism of a baby was seen as an opportunity for relatives and friends to give gifts to the new parents. Most of these gifts had religious significance and in most cases these gifts were presented by the godparents of the little one.

Baby Shower Cakes  

While most to-get or to-do lists for baby showers include the décor, invites, and food, the most important part of this event is the cake!

Most good bakeries bake lots of different types of baby shower cakes, from chocolate cake to carrot cake to butter cake and cheesecake. If you want to order one, do remember to keep the mum-to-be’s favourite flavour in mind and order accordingly.

Some intrepid bakers come up with gorgeous themes that can make the occasion even more special for the attendees. 

One idea is making a cake that looks like a tower of toy blocks kids usually play with. These can be decorated with small trains or lollipops to make the cake appear cuter. Then there is the pregnant belly cake in which the cake looks like an expecting mum’s tummy.

Many people like to take a slice or two of the cake home to savour later and many baby shower parties have small take-home boxes for the purpose. In some homes, the expecting mum keeps a few slices to freeze and enjoy later.

As the shower cake is such a vital part of baby shower parties, you should try and get something spectacular for your loved one. At Avon Bakers, you get stupendous designs and best ingredients at one single stop. We are the perfect solution when you are looking for something that’ll take everyone’s breath away. Our professional baking staff will transform your ideas and dreams into reality and make your cake the talk of the town. After all, you wouldn’t want just any cake to grace such a special party. We will give you something completely original and delicious. Your guest of honour will love and remember your ultra-sweet gesture always.