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AVON BAKERS & GIFTING STUDIO which began almost 40 years ago with a vision of introducing finer, more savory bakery and gifting products to its customers has eventually come forth as a true iconic bakery of Meerut. Popularly known by our punch line “ we become memories”, we truely stand by our punchline. When hobby and passion becomes a way of life there is no looking and that holds true for the soul of Avon Bakers & Gifting Studio.  It was word of mouth that grew the business manifold over the decades. Always a step ahead of competition, our focal point is innovation, developing qualitative products blended with a challenging task of price control measures. We are always competing with ourselves to improve the quality of our products and strive to maintain utmost hygiene standard. We specialise in most heavenly birthday and wedding cakes, mouthwatering tea time cakes, delicious cookies and many more dainty delicacies which can be gift wrapped beautifully and delivered to near and dear ones. We truly believe in satiating your taste bud with our most elegant looking and delectable products and ensuring you evince a contented smile after consuming it.

Our extensive motley of gourmet bakery and gifting products  delight the senses of all age groups and people from different walks of life. The secret of our supremacy lies in the painstaking care and detailed craft that diffuse into each and every one of our products. It is this endeavour towards excellence that has enabled us to carve a niche for ourselves in the baking and gifting industry. Our dedication to quality is of utmost importance to us be it in our creativity or choosing the finest ingredients or strict attention to finishing and presentation. Today Avon Bakers& Gifting Studio has an independent, fully equipped production unit and experienced staff that make sure everything baked, cooked, packaged and home delivered remains delectable. Shower all your love to your dear ones by sending our delectable Cakes and other bakery products be it Cookies , Tea Cakes or Kharis in Meerut and all across India. Check out our motley of mouth-watering bakery items and online cakes for home delivery. Our unhindered delivery network, same day cake delivery or flower delivery and deliveries of all cakes on time have helped us to be more competent. Call us or order online for fresh flowers or your favorite cakes or any other bakery items to send to your dear ones. We do cookies and tea cakes delivery in Delhi, Meerut, Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad and Ghaziabad too. Whatever the occasion be, Avon Bakers & Gifting Studio can make anything from scratch. Choose from our motley of Bakery Products which are made fresh at our premises every day using the best quality ingredients.

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I am such a fan of the Chocolate Brownies & Pastries of Avon Bakers that I make it a point to visit them every time I go to Meerut.  They are absolutely delicious and much better than most brownies I have had in the Cafes of Delhi.

Rikshit Chowdhary


I tasted the Nan Khatai of Avon Bakers 2 years back when my brother sent it to me from India. I loved it very much and everyone I offered to in my group of Indian friends here really relished them & asked me place orders for them as well.

Manish Satija

Milwaukee, USA

The Butter Badam Biscuits of Avon Bakers are absolutely out of this world!

Pryank Rohilla

Reading, UK

My friend introduced me to the Nan Khatai of Avon Bakers and it was love at first bite! I would be coming to India after a few months and will take back a large carton of biscuits from Avon Bakers to Singapore!

Dheeraj Dua


The cookies and cakes from Avon Bakers  are truly out of this world. A special mention goes to the Nan Khatais (Never had such yummy Nan Khatais in my life); Walnut Brownie (Could beat Barista / CCD any day); Butter Badam Biscuits (really crispy and tasty) & their Delicious Cakes. Great Going, Avon Bakers!



One of the finest bakery in town …loves Butter Badam Biscuit, Nan Khatai and Brownies anytime



Your products and services are incredible!!!!…Whenever I have placed an order, it was always received on time. I am so grateful to Avon Bakers to help me pamper my parents and relatives in Meerut.

Vatsla Chhabra


Hi , i am very Thankful to you for your help for delivering more birthday wishes by avonbakers , i really appreciate seema’s (9997122050) work . Thanks to everybody .

Chitrendra Chaudhary


Thank You Seema and Avon Bakers for making our Event a big success, the cake, the cookies and the brownies were amazingly awesome. Thank You!!!

Suhani Gupta


Hey, sorry for late reply as I was on business travel… But must that your cakes are always very good and tie time also it’s was awesome…Must say that you are the best cake shop in Delhi.




Varun Arora


Your brownies are amazing..

Kuljeet Kaur


You made an astonished lovely cake. The cake was looking overwhelming and decoration was magnificent. Taste was astonishing and liked by everyone. I never knew that someone could deliver this kind of fresh cake in Meerut at door step…Great Job!

Nitin Panwar

Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Hi, Team Avon ! You as a team made my son’s First birthday very special , I am from Bangalore moved to Meerut , working in Noida got your website by search engine & ordered cake a week ago from office , didn’t have much expectation , was nervous as i blindly trusted you guys . But you guys made sure we will establish a strong bond with your service & quality of cake . I have decided every other occasion in my house will have cake from Avon ! Thank you for the splendid service ,

Abhinav Mishra


Your nan khatai is outstanding. v love it from couple of months (since winters)

Tulika Sharma


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