Welcome to Avon Bakers & Gifting Studio!

Avon Bakers & Gifting Studio is one of the oldest Bakery, Patisserie, Confectionery and Gifting Studio from the city of Meerut.

AVON BAKERS & Gifting Studio  is a family run business which was established in 1965 by Late Sh. Jai Dayal Mirg and was later on continued by his three sons – Mr. M. K. Mirg, Mr. Bhim Mirg and Mr. Sushil Mirg. It was built by the expertise, ingenuity, honest values and determined efforts of three brothers. A staggering chronicle of five decades and still going strong, Avon Bakery & Gifting Studio has emerged as a True Iconic Bakery of Meerut with a reputation that is unmatched to the core. Always a step ahead of competition, we focus on innovation, developing new products while improving our existing products to evolving consumer needs

It began as a tiny shop in Meerut which has matured into a well known bakery unit of Meerut. It was word of mouth publicity that has been the talisman of our success. We commenced as a means to showcase our first love ‘Biscuits’. Gradually, after opening, we added delicate and delicious Pastries, Heavenly Birthday Cakes and Pastries, Rich Plum Cakes, Walnut Brownies, Nan Khatai, Jam Dry Fruit Cake, Muffins, Rusk , Kharis and  motley of other delicious Bakery Items.

A subtle combination of traditions and trends, our extensive collection of greatly appetizing baked goods  delights the senses of all age groups and people from different walks of life. The secret of our excellence lies in the painstaking care and detailed baking craft that goes into each and every one of our products. It is this sustained commitment to excellence backed by a world class production and distribution network and customer service that has enabled us to carve a niche for ourselves in baking industry. Today, Avon Bakers is a household name in every nook and corner of the city and beyond.

 Avon Bakers & Gifting Studio is now being recognised as a Leading Manufacturer of Traditional Handmade Egg less Butter Biscuits and multitude of other Bakery Products. It has honestly maintained a track record of striving to provide best quality bakery products for the past 50 years –and still running strong!

The spirit that sparked us in 1965 remains alive and vibrant and true to tradition till now that says – “There are three ingredients in the good life: Learning, Earning and Yearning.”

Our strong foundation rests on skilled and diligent employees, innovation, and professional commitment to responsible growth and development for well being of our community.

As a cornerstone of our corporate policy, quality is an integral part of our working philosophy. We work under strict hygiene and health norms that’s followed expeditiously at every step throughout the preparation, baking, storing, packaging, and distribution of our products. In addition, Avon Bakers & Gifting Studio maintains good working relationships with suppliers and customers fortified by appropriate employee care towards a common goal of mutual proficiency.

We are committed to using fresh, high end, local ingredients and proudly serve extensive collection of greatly appetizing baked goods . Here at our both outlets we believe in small batch baking and providing top quality bakery products  be it Cookies, Tea Cakes, Khari Puff or Pastries. Whether piping away on a tray of freshly baked cupcakes, or mixing up a handmade batch of cookies, our shop is both a delight for the young and old. We also have sugar free/gluten free options on our menu. We produce excellent quality baked goods which are value for money. So whether a birthday, a dinner party, a wedding or shower, let us help you cater your next special event! Our modus operandi generally involves client calling or emailing us followed by personal one to one consultation as we specialize in catering to individual needs, so  please feel free to contact us (9997122050 , 9557013510, 9910733750) or email us at mail@avonbakers.com and discuss your ideas for that special occasion be it birthdays, wedding, baby shower or any other special event. 

Currently we sell our products in two authorised outlets in Meerut: Thapar Nagar and Civil Lines and also at our online store (https://www.avonbakers.com/).